Do you have an Emotional Authority? 67% of the population do and that’s a lot of people going out into the world and affecting a lot of people with their moods, good or bad.

You could liken the Emotional Authority process like the changing Seasons. Just as the world experiences different seasons, our emotions also go through various phases and this is why, you need patience and time before making big decisions if you have emotional authority.  

Spring (Emotional Highs):

Spring is a time of renewal, growth, and vibrancy. It’s when flowers bloom, trees regain their leaves, and the world seems to come alive. Similarly, emotional highs are moments of joy, accomplishment, and positivity. These are the times when we feel a renewed sense of energy and enthusiasm everything feels brighter and more exciting.

Summer (Stable Emotions):

Summer is characterized by warmth and stability. Days are longer, and there’s a sense of calm in the air. In our emotional journey, these stable periods are moments of contentment, where we feel at ease with ourselves and the world around us. Like a comfortable summer day, our emotions are balanced and harmonious during these times. We’re not necessarily at the peak of excitement, but we’re enjoying the present moment. This is the state that would be perfect for decision making – not too high, not too low – it’s neutral!

Fall & Winter (Transitional Period):

Fall is a time of change and transition. The leaves change colours and fall from the trees, marking the end of one phase and the beginning of another. In our emotions, fall represents periods of transition or reflection. These are moments when we might be feeling a little down in the dumps and we can feel ourselves shifting Just as fall signals change in nature, our emotional fall signals shifts in our inner landscape. (There is no emotional clarity here)

Winter (Emotional Lows):

Winter is a season of stillness and cold. The days are shorter, and nature seems to rest. Emotional lows are akin to winter – they are moments of sadness, loneliness, or struggle. These are the times when our emotional landscape may feel barren and cold, much like a winter landscape. Just as winter eventually gives way to spring, emotional lows are temporary, and they provide an opportunity for growth and renewal. This is when you are being called back to take time out for yourself and stop all the noise outside of yourself and come into your own creativity – This is the perfect time for you to express your feelings through, art, journaling, poetry, etc and through that deep dive bring fourth you own creativity, even though you may resist this period, if you allow your inner child out to play – it will bring untold blessings and spring will once again appear.

By comparing emotional highs and lows to the changing seasons, we can better understand the emotional authority and the fact that our emotions are a natural and cyclical part of life. Just as each season serves a purpose in nature, our emotional experiences contribute to our personal growth and overall well-being. Embracing the different emotional seasons helps us navigate life’s challenges and appreciate the beauty in every phase of our journey.

Slowing down decision making through waiting is how you will move into alignment with your Human Design template enabling you to get the correct life experiences to help you fulfil your destiny and live out your Signatur



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