Hi I’m Amanda


I’m here to help you answer that life-long question

Why am I here?

What is my purpose?

Do you feel stuck? Worried that life is passing you by?  Ready to embark on a journey that’ll change your life? Picture this: from the very moment you took your first breath, the universe imprinted you with a cosmic code – your Human Design.

I take you on a journey into that code when we work together. You see buried within that code are the beliefs you soaked up as a kid, shaping every twist and turn of your life.

Together, let’s crack the code and reveal the goldmine of potential that’s been lying dormant within you. It’s not just about understanding who you are – it’s about unlocking the full extent of your power, your purpose, your essence.

Are you ready to journey with me? Let’s turn your cosmic blueprint into the roadmap to your wildest dreams.

🚀 Unleash Your Potential: It’s time to claim your destiny.


Love Notes

"“Amanda has such an amazing skill set to share with people! imagine being coached on your health from your own unique imprint in this world - If you have the slightest curiosity about what is written in your imprint - give yourself a gift and reach out to her! ”

Carrah Chapman, USA

"I was having a tricky time with my teenage son and we weren’t on the same page at all. Amanda did his Human Design chart and it blew me away. Amanda gave me a great insight into my son’s personality traits so I could see a better way to speak to him so we could resolve things between us. It revealed so many helpful ways I could better communicate with him and make both our lives easier. Teenagers are tricky so this was an invaluable insight into what was happening for him and showed me how I could better navigate the process. I would highly recommend getting this done if you want to understand your children better. Thank you Amanda.."

Candy King, Candy King Kinesiolog

"A coaching session with Amanda has a magical ability to facilitate change, growth and motivation. After just a few minutes, I felt that Amanda not only understood what I was looking for but also how to communicate with clarity and compassion. She’s an inspirational expert in creating a safe environment for open and honest conversation. Not surprisingly she motivates you to look deeper to develop your very best self. Working with her is a privilege and a joy. Amanda thank you so much

Nancy Johannson, Angeltouche.com



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