Basic Human Design Reading

If you’re are new to Human Design, this is the first fundamental reading that shows you how you are uniquely wired to operate as yourself in the world.

Being unique means you possess your own unique wiring, which influences how you process and interpret life. You have distinctive strengths and talents that you were born with and you can utilise in this lifetime for yourself and for others.

Given that YOU are wired in your own unique way, it is crucial that you find your own way to achieve success and align life with your individuality.

Understanding your personal Human Design holds immense power.

When you gain a deep understanding of your Human Design…

Life become less reactive and more intuitive. Relationships become easier.

Your career becomes more enjoyable. Your money midset seems to shift for the better

Human Design serves as a wonderful tool that grants you permission to live life in a manner that resonates with YOUR true self bringing you that feeling of satisfaction you crave.

Included in this transformative experience is a 1-hour zoom call with me where you will receive my personalised guidance and attention on your own unique Human Design chart. Not only that, but you’ll also receive a downloadable recording of the call to revisit whenever you need, together with a copy of your chart.

You will gain a thorough understanding of your Energy Type and how you interact with others together with your unique Strategy to help you naviage life correctly so that you are in the right place at the right time with the right people.

How to make correct decisions in life so you are always attracting the correct experiences to you. We make thousands of decisions daily and most of those end us in “hot water” especially if we are emotionally wired, which 50% of us are. Our emotions seem to run.  We get annoyed and frustrated at the car in front of us on our way to work. The woman in the coffee line is taking forever and you can feel yourself getting angrier and then as you sit down at your desk someone makes the wrong comment to you and BOOM! you’ve exploded at them – same when we’ve had a bad day at the office and bring all that emotionally charged energy home with us!

How’s that working for you?

So how will you feel when you find yourself less re-active and less stressed? how good is it going to feel sittng at your desk calm instead of stressed? how would your relationships change? imagine  greeting your partner or your kids, with a welcoming hug instead of the usual grunt of exhaustion when they ask you “how was your day? How good are they going to feel? And how good will it feel for YOU?  

With the remaining time, we will jump to an area of your chart to help you with any area of challenge you are experiencing and offer practical solutions for resolution.

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