Amanda started her career life in Corporate but eventually started her own wellness business and has now been in the health and wellness arena for over 30 years and is an avid believer of the mind, body, spirit connection. Her life journey has been one of shock awakenings and transitions that have rocked her life, but she has always been aware of the guidance from within that has moved her safely along her journey and now she brings that awareness to her clients to help them through their own life transitions.

 Originally from the UK, she lived in Singapore for 5 years until she moved to Melbourne in 2015. From a BG5 perspective she’s here to empower and provoke the spirit to discover the truth of who you are and to offer out of the box solutions to help you discover how you’re wired for success, earn the money that you want doing something that you love through her own lived out experiences.


She’s headed up a number of local groups including her role as President of the Thames Valley Businesswoman’s Group in the UK, Vice President of Bayside International (Melbourne) Women’s Group and sat on the committee of the British Association in Singapore. An avid reader and life long learner with a love/hate relationship to keeping her body fit and toned but has managed to keep up a thrice weekly habit of strength training and HIT workouts since 2011


Qualifications include

BG5™ Business Consultant

Human Design Specialist

Certified Health Coach

Certified Scientific Hand Analyst


DAPP Positive Psychology

ITEC Massage Therapist

ITEC Aeisticenne

EFT Practiioner

Trial and Error Experimenter of Life



Amanda is a certified Health Coach, Life Purpose Analyst and BG5™ Career/Business Consultant. She opened her consultancy offering Life Purpose Analysis and coaching soon after she arrived in Melbourne in 2015 and supports woman who are looking to re-boot their life, find their mission and blossom into the leaders/coaches/healers/therapists they were born to be so they can leave their mark on the world. She is also mum to her beautiful son Matthew who lives in London.

Curious about your personal design?

Unlock the Secrets of Your Personal Design and Achieve the Results You Want. If you’re curious about your personal design and why you’re not getting the results you want, then I’m here to help. As an experienced Human Design coach, I can offer insights and tips tailored to your unique needs. Schedule a free 30-minute chat with me and receive my undivided attention as we explore your personal design and how to achieve success on your terms.”



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