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The easiest way to describe the BG5™ Career and Business System is to say that it’s like a cross between the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (your personality) and the Genotype (your genetic identity).

We all have psychological preferences in terms of how we perceive the world and make decisions, as well as a specific way that our genetics operate, that make each of us unique. It’s been found through empirical testing that the BG5™ Success Code is an accurate coding and synthesis of both our conscious (Personality) and unconscious (DNA) levels.

Contrary to what society has taught us, each of us is meant to be different from everyone else.

We’re happiest and the most satisfied when our inherent gifts and talents are expressed in our own unique way. Understanding this can lift a great weight from your shoulders. How often have you compared yourself to someone else? Do you remember as a child being compared to someone else like your mum saying “she’s so like her sister. When we do this we create an impression within that it’s not okay to be who we are. When you add that to the conditioning of your early years, you may find yourself trying to change or adapt how we act to suit others, which further distances you from the person you were born to be. I remember my mum telling her friend “Amanda is such a good girl” I took that as I must always look after everyone and be good. Much to my detriment I was later to find out.

How about you? Can you relate?

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