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Humans are not designed to be sick! – The body is self-healing – It knows it’s job. We don’t instruct it how to breathe, urinate, move, talk, laugh, cry, emote etc – it does that without us having to interfere – Our  job is to feed it healthy nutritious food, water regularly, exercise it and rest it well!

During this session, we will talk about the Primary Health System (PHS). It’s a part of Human Design that shows you how to optimize your well-being. As differentiated human beings with unique energy, we are each supported by different digestion, environments, mindsets, and flow.

Your PHS shows you the way of eating that supports your brain function, digestion and overall health & well-being. It is not based on the food you eat but the circumstances or conditions that you eat. Together with your greatest sense that helps you know what is right for you and your most supportive living environment. Plus the mindset and mental awareness that is healthiest for your mind.

During this session, I will look at circuitry, undefined functions and prominent gates as each of those is associated with physiology in the body.

The knowledge you gain in this session can be applied throughout your life, ensuring that you continue to experience the benefits of a well-aligned, personalized approach to health and wellness.

What you’ll learn:

how the PHS can provide you with personalized insights into optimizing your well-being. This means tailoring your lifestyle choices to your unique energy, which can result in improved health and vitality.

Enhanced Brain Function: Discover how aligning your eating habits with your PHS can lead to improved brain function. You’ll gain a better understanding of the conditions under which your mind operates at its best.

Mind-Body Connection: Understand how the alignment of your PHS with your mind and body can lead to a harmonious and healthy lifestyle. Your mindset and mental awareness can have a significant impact on your well-being.

Physiological Insights: Gain in-depth insights into your body’s physiology as you explore circuitry, undefined functions, and prominent gates. This knowledge can empower you to make informed decisions about your health and lifestyle choices.

Individualized Solutions: The PHS offers individualized solutions, taking into account your unique energy and needs. This session will guide you in making choices that are best suited to your specific profile.

Better Decision-Making: Armed with a better understanding of your unique energy, you’ll be in a position to make informed decisions about your diet, environment, and mindset, leading to a healthier, happier life.

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