Understanding your Human Design Chart


This is a personal overview of the mechanics of your Human Design Body Graph. It’s a personal guided tour of how you are designed to operate in the world and to understand your uniqueness and how you impact the world with your gifts and talents and energy and how the world impacts you.

What you will receive

This is a 1 hour life inventory analysis based on your personal DNA found in your unique Human Design blueprint. This is conducted over a private zoom link and will be recorded for you so you can listen over and over. You will also get a copy of your Human Design Chart.


The How

This is a 1 hour life inventory analysis based on your personal DNA found in your unique Human Design blueprint. This is conducted in a private zoom room and will be recorded for you so you can listen over and over. You will also get a copy of your Human Design Chart and any slides shown. You will be able to choose a convenient date and time to book in via a calendear link which will automatically ask you  3 questions that will need to be submitted before I can print out your unique chart, so please have those ready. Date and time of birth (birth time is very important for the most accurate analysis) but there is an option to say (don’t know) when you book



You will finally understand how you best show up in the world and how to use that to your advantage.

You will gain clarity on why nothing goes to plan when you are going against your unique decision making strategy and how and when you are creating static in your energy field so communication with others is challenging and relationships become challenging. 

You will have know your key indicators that let you know when you are going down the wrong path so you can quickly get back on track.

You will learn where you are conditioned to take on roles that are not yours and to see why you act in ways that are sabotaging your health, relationships and even your career.

This analysis has a 30 minute follow up (scheduled a week after your analysis) included to ask any questions that you have.


$AUD 150

Career Design Overview

 6 Success Codes that support your career/business 

This is a one-to-one Analysis Session

If you’re looking for a new career, to start a business or move your life into a new direction, then this is the first step that builds towards a full foundational analysis where you will gain a thorough understand of how you are uniquely wired for success.


What you receive

Using the most advanced career and busines analysis tool in the world, BG5™ is here to give you the tools that support your career and business.

The How

This is a 90 Minute 1-1 Analysis session conducted inside a private zoom meetng room. You will receive all the slides and a recording so you can download it and save on your own computer and listen to it time and time again. This buids the foundation before a full analysis and is a recommended so that you can integrate and process the information and begin to see how to be succesful in today’s business/working environment.

The Why

You will uncover how you are uniquely designed to operate in the business world and how to make money from being your unique self.

You will have your 6 foundational Career/Business Success Codes to work with so you can finally understand who you are, at a DNA level giving you the power to make a meaningful contribution to society that allows you to make the impact that you want using the gifts and talents that you have been gifted.

1. Career Type -How you best express yourself in the World. 

2.Personal Interaction – How you best  interact with others at work in business and in relationships

3, Decision Making Strategy – This is the most important tool in your toolbox for life.

4. Key Indicators – signposts that keep you on track. Know when you are operating out of algnment 

5.Assimilation – How do you Process Information? We all have a unique way of processing. Knowing this helps you not only understand what you need but also how others in your life process information, either the same or differently from you. This avoids conflict in relationships because you understand each other better.

5. Environment style – What work setting do you operate in? What suits you the best?Are you solopreneur? partnerhsip? small team or large team material. Believe me if you don’t feel recognised within your organisation you may be operating in an environment not suited to you.


As a student of the BG5™ System I am certified to give  Career/Business Overviews and as such offer them at a significant discounted price until December 2020.

AUD 347  AUD 197

Full Analysis Career/Business

Your 16 Success Codes that Support your Business/Career

This is a one to one session conducted over 3 sessions to fully integrate 

If you are interested in the most effective service I give, my service is the best solution to relieve you of the burden of trying to figure out what you are supposed to do on your own and get to your ideal outcome quickly.

What you receive

A full Analysis is the full 16 BG5™ Success Codes that support your career and business and shows you all 16 Success Code you need to know that shows you the map of your best way to tofullfilment and success and empowers you to navigate the business world. that gives you everything Your gifts you have personally and also the way you express those gifts with groups. Your business skills, Team and business attriutes, Large business roles, your public role, your shadows and distractions, your life work, the best work setting that ensures your work satisfaction. Imagine knowing exactly what will suit you so you have ease and success and more importantly what will not support your life and so avoid burnout, stress, boredom and frustrating work environments.


The How

This is broken down into 3 x 90 Minute 1-1 Analysis sessions conducted inside a private zoom meetng room. You will receive all the slides and recordings so you can download it safely onto your  computer and listen to it time and time again. You can have them 1 day at a time or spaced out over a period of weeks depending on what you prefer and your time to assimilate information. This will show up in your analysis.


AYou will have the 16 keys to success that are personal to your life journey. You will finally know how to operate in the world uniquely as yourself and stop playing in the wrong playing field with the wrong playmates so you start getting the results that bring you satisfaction, peace, wonder and success.  

You will know your gifts and talents and the unique way you are here to contribute to the world and what is likely to bring you happiness and success on your terms.

You will also know without a doubt what’s been keeping you stuck and repeating patterns over and over and blocking the results you want to get in your life.

You will know what is not yours to get involved with so you can stop doing things in your life or business that are making your life hard and frustrating.

You will understand how your distractions play out and how to turn those into wisdom so you’re no longer a victim to conditioning that is not useful to you anymore in your life. so you can finally move forward.

You will start to move with your own rhythm, and rely on your own decision making strategy ensuring you’re always n the right place at the right time for life to unfold correctly for you. Your satisfaction and success in life is based on the amount of good decisions you make.  

You will gain outer confidence as your inner confidence starts to really embody your uniqueness and not rely on any forces outside of yourself to direct your life and thus create the freedom and a sense of trust that life will always work out for you. Opportunities will seem to magically appear as your confidence magnetically attracts what is correct for you.


$AUD 888 or 3 payments of $300



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