Frequently Asked Questions

Where doe the BG5™ system come from
I'm not sure if this is right for me

This is a revolutionary system so I totally get that you may not completely understnad how it can help you, that is why I offer a complmentary session so you can get your questions aswered and see whether this is right for you

What are the Benefits of Having a Full Analysis Session
  • Because It’s a one size fits “only you” assessment tool. It gives you your unique roadmap to help you identify your life direction, your blind spots, your self sabotaging patterns, the reasons why you may self medicate using food and how your emotional make-up helps or hinders your progress to achieve your goals. The awareness that comes when you really understand who you are by knowing how to swerve the self sabotaging patterns and themes that continually show up as anger,frustration, disappointment or resentment is life changing.
  • Imagine knowing what you are here to do and what gifts you are here to share? A Life by Design Analysis will Help you focus on your life purpose and areas of congruence, avoiding dead-ends and detours so you can clear your path of resistance and really step into who you were born to be to get healthier, build better relationships and have more abundance in your life.
  • Helps you identify and connect with more passion in your life as you eliminate distractions and focus on what really moves you.

I don't live in Melbourne can I still have an Analysis session with you?is

YES, super easy. I do most of the Analysis since COVID restrictions over Zoom so you can be in your pJ’s if you like! Face to face is also an option if you like that connection, reach out

Will it be recorded?

Yes, all my sessions are recorded from Zoom for you, but obviously I can’t guarantee the quality of internet at times if there  connection issues. But I haven’t had this happen so far

What is Human Design

Human Design is rich and complex and involves a lot of data. The system is a synthesis of Eastern and Western Astrology, the Chinese I’Ching, the Kabbalah, the Hindu Chakra System and quantum physics.

Each individual chart, calculated using your birth date, time and place, is a “map” of how you process energy. The chart reveals your strengths, your potential weaknesses, you gifts and talents.

In Human Design, each Type has its own decision making Strategy. Your Strategy aligns your life to the correct geometry and eliminates resistance. You are encouraged to experiment with your Strategy; learning to use it will change your life.  It is a simple method of being in the world without resistance; a Strategy for living life according to who you truly are.

To get your free chart, please email me with your name/date of birth/ time of birth and town and country of birth at 

Is there a payment plan

Yes, please reach out if you woud like to pay in 3 installments to



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