7 Habits That Lead to a Strong Success Mindset



To get what you want, whether it’s in your personal or professional life, you have to learn to do what works. For most people, this means creating a habit. But a habit isn’t something that never changes. A success habit is always evolving. 


Habit #1 – Make sure what you want is really what you want.  



Don’t do something just because you think you should. Check in with yourself every 30 days to make sure that the path you’re on is the one you want to stay on. Doing this prevents you from ending up with business models that don’t satisfy you. 


Make sure you’re not abandoning something out of fear of failure. There’s a big difference between doing what’s right for you and doing something that feels easier.  



Habit #2 – Begin every day with motivation.  


These are things that work to get you to take the next step. So if you need to go for a run to clear your head and get some time to think, then do that. If you need to use specific habits every morning in order to get into the flow, then let those habits be what compel you to get into your day. 



Starting off with motivational reminders is like eating breakfast in the morning – it helps fuel you throughout your day. Remember also to spend a minute or two looking back over your day and being proud of what you did accomplish. 


Habit #3 – Don’t chase success to the point that  you stop dreaming. 


Your success begins with an idea, a hope – a dream. If you go all out, driving hard, keeping your nose to the grindstone, you can reach the point where your mindset becomes fixed. You need to not just see the result you’re working towards but remember this is a journey to enjoy and learn.



Sometimes it becomes a chore to just blast through a task list – especially if you forget about why you’re doing everything. Always revisit your goal and remember why you want this.



Habit #4 – Make sure you leave room to grow. 


You need to have a success mindset that keeps you learning even when you feel you’ve made it. There’s always something else that you can learn. Seek out new resources online, keep learning and perfecting your skill set.


Habit #5 – Answer to someone else.  


You want to have someone in your life that you’re accountable to. Make time to meet with someone who can help keep you on track for reaching your success. You want this person to be someone who can tell you when you’re driving yourself too hard and someone who can help steer you around pitfalls. Or get a coach that you resonate with,


If you’d like to get a feel if coaching is right for you – you can get a free 30 minute Life-re boot strategy session with me – it’s totally free with no obligation to sign up to anything. This is my gift to help you get unstuck. 



Habit #6 – Learn to trust yourself.  


When you go after what you want in life, they’ll always be someone waiting to tell you their opinion. Everyone has a built-in alarm that sounds if something is off. In Human Design, it’s called your unique Decision Making Strategy  and makes sure you are making choices and decisions that are correct for you and not relying on other people or your mental constructs to decide for you. 


Habit #7 – Understand that roadblocks are going to happen. 


You have to decide ahead of time that you won’t give up – you won’t surrender. a growth mindset to a fixed one. Roadblocks can often be used as character builders. They can strengthen your resolve. and help you learn to become more resourceful as you find another way to do what you want to get done. If you become too comfortable with your efforts, you often don’t achieve the ultimate success that you’re after. 


Having a strong mindset in life, whether for your personal or professional satisfaction, requires a combination of positive thoughts and verifiable action steps. 


Whenever you do something and start to feel a bit of shame over, (like quitting on a project), ask yourself “am I doing this because you don’t believe I can succeed.”?


If that ‘s what’s happening, take the task and break it up into micro-sized mini goals that you can work on. Sometimes, it’s the simple fact that a project seems too big that ruins many of our best plans. 


It’s also a good idea to surround yourself with action-taking, positive people. Take inventory of the who you’re currently surrounded with. Are they inspiring or do they always complain about everything?


Do you find yourself commiserating with people stuck in the same boat as you? If so, jump out and swim to shore – because that boat is sinking fast, and you don’t want to be swallowed up by the pity party they’re throwing for themselves. 


Seek out motivational experts whose thoughts align with what you find inspiring. Tune in to their messages or read their books daily as if you’re taking a vitamin designed to prevent illness. 


Over time, you’re going to become a role model. someone who others look to for support, and you’ll notice they come to you with fixed mindsets. They’ll be attracted to the positivity you project. Make sure you turn their mind around, rather than letting their limited thoughts infect you.


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7 Habits that lead to a Strong Success Mindset



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